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Partnering with So They Can

We’re proud to announce that the 7MCC group is partnering with So They Can, a not-for-profit organisation, committed to empowering children through education in Kenya and Tanzania.

In cooperation with The Generations Foundation, we will be supporting 40 students (a whole class) at Kibowen Komen Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya– not far from a coffee-growing region where we source coffee.

Our annual contribution of $25,000 AUD ensures these children receive a quality education, as well as daily school meals and access to safe drinking water.

We’re proud to partner with So They Can to further improve learning conditions and school infrastructure, provide teacher training, and grow relationships within the school and the broader community.

Education has the power to change lives

Education is one of the most powerful investments we can make for our collective future.

Economies are strengthened, inequality is reduced, and opportunities are created for whole communities to thrive. Shockingly, UNESCO estimates that around 260 million children and youth globally are missing out on school.

So They Can works with communities, governments and partners to change that statistic by removing barriers to education.

Everything we do is designed to empower communities to become self sufficient

So They Can

So They Can’s local teams in Africa collaborate with the communities to develop a shared plan with a viable exit strategy. Together, they build local capabilities with sustainable funding models, underpinned by healthcare initiatives, improved sanitation, viable farming solutions, and empowerment programs. All with education at the heart.

Progress so far

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